A chocolate box of delights...



The Chocolate Factory, Derby


What is it all about?


A celebration, a series of events, a metaphor, a sensory experience! The Sweet Like Cocoa Festival uses chocolate as metaphor for the journey of African-Caribbean communities whilst weaving a journey through the history of this modern day pleasure. 

sweet like cocoa, cocoa beans, sweet like chocolate

Open the choc box...


An assortment of shows to entertain you, exhibitions to engage you, food to ignite your senses and speakers with expert insights! Come and explore cocoa and our changing relationship with it through a series of imaginative events and activities.


Explore our box of festival treats this October!



sweet like cocoa festival, sweet like chocolate
sweet like cocoa festival, derby, sweet like chocolate
soul simmitry, sweet like cocoa, music

Melt in the mouth stuff... 


And it doesn't stop there.  Find out about more information about the festival and about the other things happening in the heart of Derby throughout October. 

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