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House of Blake's


House of Blake's is a quality cake company specialising in creating the perfect cake for any occasion. They use chocolate in its many forms as the basis for their cakes, experimenting with flavour profiles and textures to create a soothing taste that every chocolate lover adores.


Throughout the festival, House of Blake's willing be showcasing and selling three different tantalising cakes, using dark, milk and white chocolate recipes.

Morvia Gooden


Morvia qualified as a Registered General Nurse from Ipswich School of Nursing in 1985 and since qualification has worked in acute surgery wards at Ipswich hospital. She progressed from staff nurse to undertake her midwifery training in Nottingham school of nursing in 1988.



Since joining the contraception and sexual health outreach team in 1992, Morvia has realised her greatest zeal, in combining both managerial and clinical skills within the role and in the set up and development of several new young people focused services. She has a particular interest in sexual health, and has established several nurse-led clinics for young people on “their turf” in the most deprived areas of the City of Nottingham.


Morvia is currently employed as a Programme Lead, Partner Liaison with The NHS National Leadership Academy; with a vision of promoting outstanding leadership to improve outcomes for patients.


Hear Morvia talk about some of the health benefits of cocoa at the Cocoa Fete on 13th October.


Nayo Hunt


Nayo Hunt is a freelance writer/ editor with a background in marketing. she has worked in the arts since 2011, landing her first role with Arts Council England’s decibel Performing Arts Showcase and moving on to marketing support for New Art Exchange and Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham.


Nayo recently spent some time in south Italy, volunteering and learning the language before returning to the UK and deciding to focus more on copy-editing. She is currently supporting numerous companies including Social Enterprise UK, travel and tourism start-up V2 Volunteer and Vacation, and mental health social enterprise Community Therapies and Training Services. Her long-term aim is to work in a publishing house editing novels. 

Robert Lee


Robert Lee is a social historian and artistic entrepreneur. He is a divergent educator, keen on legacy, and is continually drawn back into classrooms and lecture theatres for the training of leisure industry staff and managers.


Lee was involved in the first ever Black History Month UK.  He is also a visual artist who drew the BHM mural for the inaugural event in 1987.  Robert has worked in many organisations an people across the country and has a lot to say about the social-history of people of colour and wider communities from an experiential perspective which is embedded in research and statistics.  



Vitor MM Azevedo


Originally from Portugal, Vitor lived with his parents who were both blind.  This led him to quickly take on huge amounts of responsibility which has influenced everything he does today.  He  feels a desire to create colour through his work in order to make some sense of the past.


A lot of his work recognizes his personal history which stems from a background of religious symbolism, family values, a love of the sea and the traditions of Portugal.  He enjoys the exploration of these memories to freeze a portion of his own personal, cultural and social history through the construction of specific materials and concepts.


He now runs his own art gallery – Artsmith LIVE, Monk Street in the centre of Derby and keen to work with other artists to develop new and exciting projects that reach boundaries that will inspire and enthrall audiences.


Vitor is the curator of Tom Douce's photography exhibition 'Travels of a Normanton Boy'.

Paul Barrand


Over a career spanning three decades visual artist Paul Barrand has exhibited his work widely across the U.K, including the prestigious John Moore's in Liverpool and most recently 'In All the Wrong Places' a solo show at Curve Leicester. His work is in numerous private and public collections.


He is both fascinated and appalled by consumer culture and globalisation.Inspired by the subversive, the abstract, and the deadpan- his tastes are best described as culturally eclectic. From film noir, drum and bass to the art of James Rosenquist via Bill Hicks and Family Guy. His wife calls him an 'artistic sauvant'. He prefers the tag 'autodidact'.


He also works across a wide variety of artforms in collaborative projects with diverse groups and organisations, both regionally and nationally. These include schools, youth and young offenders, mental health and traveller communities.


Often issue based and always thought provoking, the results have included, large scale murals and processional puppets, graphic novels, banners and 3D props, fire sculpture and scratch animation.


For the 'Sweet Like Cocoa Festival' he has been commissioned to create large scale painted illustrations on the story of cocoa. He will also be presenting a new group of paintings based on familiar chocolate bar logo types, which re-appropriate brand recognition and re-route it back to the countries where cocoa was produced.


You can also take part in one of Paul's other on-going projects called "one thousand miles" which explores the personal resonance and connection we all feel with certain roads and journeys. It can be found on elevatedsection@blogspot.com

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